Runs on a PICDEM FS USB Dev. Board.

    Documentation - PIC/Hi-Tech USB, CDC, HID, and Generic USB.
    Code for PIC/Hi-Tech USB, CDC, HID, and Generic USB.

Avorex Most Recent Completion,
In Production 2008

Avorex Completion,
In Production 2006

Avorex offers:

Microcontroller Program Design
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  • Microchip PIC 12Cxxx, 16Fxx - 'C' and assembly language
    Listed Consultant
  • Microchip PIC18Fxx - 'C'
    Listed Consultant
  • Microchip PIC24Fxx & dsPIC - 'C'
    Listed Consultant
  • Cypress PSOC - 'C' and assembly language
    Listed Consultant
  • 80c51 and derivitives, Including Silicon Labs - 'C' and assembly language
  • Eagle PCB Design services.

Circuit Design
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Printed Circuit Board Layout
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  • CadSoft - Eagle
  • PADS Power PCB, By referral.

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
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Referral to Manufacturers
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  • Low volume domestic manufacturers
  • High volume domestic manufacurers
  • High Volume Chinese Manufacturers

Manufacturing Support

Some completed projects can be viewed:

Precision Laboratory Equipment

Internet Connectivity, GPS

Low Cost, Battery

operated, High Volume

RS232 Keyboard

High Performance

Wireless IR, Low cost

Small size, repeat customer

Short Circuit Proof
Power Control

White Goods

Information on Avorex Obsolescence Re-Design program can be viewed:

LCD Obsolescence Design Service.

A/D Obscolescence Design Service.

Micro-controller Obscolescence Design Service.

Code Samples

    Motorola 68HC05 - Application Note AN1227

    Microchip PIC - Application Note AN657

    Bullet Proof inexpensive reset circuit


    Application Note - "Using Microcontrollers to control triacs"
    Code for Triac Application Note
Virginia, Deleware, Pennsylvania

Is the technology in your product getting a little dated??!!

Embedded 8-bit Microcontroller Design Services

More than 25 Products sold worldwide incorporate Avorex Designs

Each has been optimized for performance, time to market, or low cost

Servicing from Southern New Jersey to the Carolinas

Emulator, Compiler and Assembler Capable

Avorex Design Services

Avorex Design Services

Avorex Design Services 8051

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Avorex Design
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