Obsolete LCD Replacement Design Service

Allows OEMs facing LCD obsolecence to again use an LCD module stocked by their favorite distributor

  • No Obligation quote, nothing to lose.

  • Save $$ on your BOM.

  • Usualy done without a daughter card.

  • Replacement can be made even if you no longer have microcontroller source code.

  • Fast turn around time.

  • Don't be stuck trying to scrape the last one off the wharehoue floor!

    A No Obligation quote is just a phone call or email away.

    We do A/Ds, memories, and microcontrollers, too.

    Obsolete LCD Replacement Design Service


    Last Updated October 8, 2008
    For more information E-mail to:


    William G. Grimm
    Avorex Design
    12811 Bluhill Road
    Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

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