Microcontroller Core capabilities

Avorex is a listed consultant with Microchip since 1997
We use MPLAB IDE for development
Fully emulator equipped (Microchip ICE-2000)
Hi-Tech C for C code development
Microchip assembler for assembly language development

Avorex is a listed consultant with Cypress Micro
Fully emulator equipped, Cypress CY3205-DK Emulator
We use the Cypress IDE and Immagecraft 'C' compiler


We do 8051, of course!
Keil 'C' enabled.
The Avorex Keyboard was Phillips 8051 based

Epson 4-Bit

Avorex is a listed consultant with Epson
Avorex uses Epson 4-bit for high quantity, Battery operated applications
Fully emulator equipped, Epson EVA6237 Emulator
Programming done exclusively in assembly language

Last Updated March 22, 2007
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